Ukuphahla is a ritual that can be done on a daily basis that allows one to communicate with their ancestors.

Ukuphahla is not only for Sangomas/amagqirha. It is for all those who want to communicate with their ancestors.
All of us have spiritual guides.

There are traditional methods of ukuphahla that have been kept and passed down many lineages in Africa. Though different tribes and families in Africa vary in methods of ukuphahla, the foundations of this ritual are the same. It combines the four elements of life (earth, fire, air and water) in order to connect to spirit.

Devices to have for ukuphahla are Impepho, Snuff, candle and a Cup of water.

There are endless approaches to speak with ancestors, but respect and thanksgiving are fundamental.

Without prescribing a format, you introduce yourself, you recite your lineage as far as you know and commence talking with your ancestors.