Traditional healers going online

Over the years, technology has totally transformed the way we live. It has helped us find new ways of doing things, kept us connected with loved ones, and it’s even allowed us to do grocery shopping from the safety of our homes. These days, it’s not unusual to go to church online – or see a traditional healer.

An online session with your traditional healer; this is how the digital world is changing the way we communicate. Many traditional healers are online and they say a spiritual connection has no boundaries.

Personal sessions are now increasingly being supplemented by telephonic and video consultations.

As the number of people who cannot physically access a traditional healer grows, so are many sangomas starting to offer their services online.

Gone are the days when people used to walk or drive long distances to consult with sangomas. Now, they have access, at the tip of their fingers, to a new breed of techno-savvy sangomas who are available on the internet.

Perceptions of traditional healers have often been misinformed, judgemental and backward. It is a topic that has been sensationalised and the practice is still not seen as a reputable healing form in its own right.

Traditional healers are no longer the elusive figures they used to be. Many are modern young men and women with day jobs, who practise their craft with a passion to heal people. Some are using social media and technology to reach people in order to educate and empower our people.