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1606, 2022

Gogo D

By |June 16th, 2022|Comments Off on Gogo D

Function similarly to a psychologist, understanding the power and workings of the human mind. Understanding each and every individuality of a human being, practice with the given knowledge from my ancestors. Makhosi lesedi Khanya

1606, 2022

Dr Ramanaka

By |June 16th, 2022|Comments Off on Dr Ramanaka

I am Dr Lereko Ntsepe,known as Ntate Skopo/Ramanaka.I am using bones for my reading, specilize I Initiation schools, for both Males and Females, Specializing in Casting out Zombies, Ghosts, and Thokolosi & Mpundulu.

706, 2022

Know and trust your ancestors

By |June 7th, 2022|Categories: Blog|Comments Off on Know and trust your ancestors

  A lot of people have had only had bad experiences with sangomas/amagqira. They in fact, do not trust their knowledge because they have never found it helpful. There are many an opportunist using their gifts to exploit their patients and to create fear in their lives rather than harmony and [...]

505, 2022

Umsamo Onkhanyayo

By |May 5th, 2022|Comments Off on Umsamo Onkhanyayo

I offer the following services, homes and online consultations and diagnosis. Spiritual and home cleansing, personal cleansing. I also do femba sessions. Counseling for initiates and training for initiates

505, 2022

Mkhulu Mabizasabele

By |May 5th, 2022|Comments Off on Mkhulu Mabizasabele

I can say alot about myself and tell you whatever I think you may love to hear about me but I believe that we all carry amadlozi who guide and lead us to whom ever they know will assist us in life. I believe that each and everyone of you who [...]

505, 2022

Makhwela entabebeni

By |May 5th, 2022|Comments Off on Makhwela entabebeni

I'm a very humble traditional healer who helps with: Bones readings Dream interpretation All kinds of cleansing Protection of homes/yards, cars, businesses etc Herbal treatments Gobela/thwasa

205, 2022

Gogo Nkanyezi Ngwenyama

By |May 2nd, 2022|Comments Off on Gogo Nkanyezi Ngwenyama

I am a Traditional healer and a Profeteese walking proudly in the footsteps of my forefathers. My services include Consultation Bone reading Femba Mirror Bible reading Candle reading Cards reading, I sm well known for casting bad luck and returning lost lover, I do river cleansing (abortion mescouraga ) just to [...]

1504, 2022

AnkhAwakening Verse

By |April 15th, 2022|Comments Off on AnkhAwakening Verse

Art Sangoma• Alchemist• Morapedi• Ngaka• Sensei• Quantum Scientist and Metaphysical Gatekeeper• Reiki practitioner• Holistic healer• Musical Genius• Warrior•Student

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