Know and trust your ancestors


A lot of people have had only had bad experiences with sangomas/amagqira. They in fact, do not trust their knowledge because they have never found it helpful.

There are many an opportunist using their gifts to exploit their patients and to create fear in their lives rather than harmony and healing. There are sangomas/amagqira who need healing themselves. And there are others who have good intentions, but who have been misguided in their training and don’t take the important role they play in a community as seriously as they could.

That said, we live in a time when all manner of people are being called and trained into the ancient, beautiful and indispensable traditions of the people of this land. Recovering ancient hidden knowledges, as long as we are responsible with them, is important considering how many ills there are in our society.

Because it is no longer outlawed, ubungoma/ubugqira is being demystified and restored from the doldrums of the hidden.


Consultations with amagqira or izangoma, although fall under the umbrella of healing, are essentially consultations with the spiritually wise, one’s elders and ancestors and one’s highest self. Some may take years to find a suitable healer. In as much as most traditional healers are focused on the patient’s holistic healing there are some, like medical doctors, that are more concerned with diagnosis, prognosis and cures.


What becomes of utter importance is creating regular communion with one’s higher self, ancestors, one’s god or gods. There are numinous forces that exist that can help guide even in something as confusing as dating and relationships. That that can be understood and solved by a journey into your personal history. Their requirement for your journey to self-knowledge is knowledge of them. So they want you to investigate them as your ancestors, their names, where they came from, what they did, what they gave to you and just to have a relationship with them as your guides in this life. When you really know them, you will then know yourself, and when you know yourself, you will be able to pick the best and most suitable partner for yourself for example. Your ancestors will also guide you to a traditional healer that will be suitable to you and them.