“Bring back lost lover, win the lottery fast, powerful love spells to attract lover”, I am sure we have all come across these pamphlets in the streets, these days these type of messages aren’t only found on the streets they are now all over the internet and traditional healing has come to be associated with such. This was a motivation for starting Gogoonline, people are searching for traditional healers online and this platform has a vision of being a trusted central place where you can search and find traditional healers near you. Gogoonline is a web directory service for traditional healers.

My name is Siphiwo the founder of Gogoonline. The idea around starting Gogoonline was inspired by the injustice posed upon the vulnerable by those looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck. Although not a traditional healer I have a deep respect for African tradition and izithethe that come with it. Our beliefs should exist side by side with those that are Western-inspired. Because ours is deeply rooted in spirit it unfortunately lands itself to those with nefarious intentions (“I will bring back your lost lover, win the lottery” are just some of the extraordinary claims made by those posturing as traditional healers). I decided to start Gogoonline so that people in need of help can have a trusted platform where they can find traditional healers… Camagu

Ndauwee 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 My name is Xhanti Madolo, the founding partner of Gogoonline. Ever since I answered my ancestoral calling, I have been opened up to a new world of spirituality… One that has been marred in controversy intently and veiled in darkness by those who seek to oppress. It is through Gogoonline that we endeavor to share our beautiful culture and beliefs; shining light on our customs and traditions. Being ephehlweni I have realized an awakening of our people and their hunger to connect with their own spirituality. The struggle to find a traditional healer and get help is a real one for many. It is one of the fundamental reasons we have created Gogoonline… To help you connect with a traditional healer near you… Camagu👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽